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VSScript offers:
A better alternative for Visual Studio Macros in versions 2005-2010.
A replacement for missing Macros functionality in Visual Studio 2012-2013
Interactive macro recorder
Remembers your actions and converts them into a script for further replaying.
Powerful scripting language based on Lua
Lua is very simple and elegant scripting language, popular especially among game developers.
Well-integrated development
Own Script Editor window in Visual Studio IDE, which can be docked or placed anywhere. No more clumsy switching between the Macros IDE and the main IDE!
Fully functional editor with dedicated Lua language support
Features include: syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, real-time syntax error detection, underlining wrong code lines, error messages displayed in tooltips, code outlining, automated block commenting/uncommenting, and more.
Integrated script debugger
Allows you to debug your scripts. Features: stepping (into/over/out modes), running/stopping, breakpoints, call stack, multiple coroutines (thread of execution in Lua), displaying contents of variables, evaluating simple expressions.
High performance
As the scripter is tightly integrated into Visual Studio and does not use external application, all its operations are very fast and low resource-consuming.
Language library
Currently the scripter supports standard Lua language libraries, as well as DTE bindings for Visual Studio control. Subsequent versions will be further extended with additional utility libraries.
What's new
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015.
Latest version:
VSScript 2.2