Known problems

This section contains the list of known problems and limitations.

Not full DTE API is covered.

In VSScript 1.3 version, small fraction of Visual Studio APIs are not implemented. API coverage is being gradually completed in subsequent releases.

There might be problems with 'Fonts and Colors' settings for the script editor.

Unfortunately, 'Fonts and Colors' configuration has been the most buggy part of Visual Studio for a long time. It works very bad especially with VS extensions. Furthermore, the implementation has changed over time and each major version of Visual Studio behaves differently, having its own set of bugs.

The root of the problem seems to be in the fact that there are several different mechanisms to handle fonts and colors in Visual Studio and these mechanisms do not interact very well, often not propagating changes from one to another.

Generally that means that in some cases you will have to restart Visual Studio to see your fonts and colors changes. That concerns Visual Studio 2012. Earlier versions up to 2008 should work better, with some syntax elements would be refreshed instantly and other ones only after restart. Under VS 2010 you might need to open the Fonts and Colors dialog and close it (even without making any change) in order to apply proper colors.

Extensions like VSScript are particularly vulnerable to such errors, because of the advanced usage scenario they employ. VSScript displays a syntax-colored language editor (covered by one coloring mechanism in VS), however not in a document window as usual, but inside a tool window (a different VS mechanism handles colors in tool windows). Such case is not documented at all in Visual Studio extensibility documentation. In VS up to 2008, there was an undocumented method to do it, working for the most part. In VS 2010 it is still there, but buggy. In VS 2012 the method have been removed. VSScript uses a different method then, which seems to work well besides the fact it requires VS restart to propagate the changes.

There are problems with Find Next/Previous function under VS 2012.

The find dialog does not work correctly -- frequently it displays it can't find the searched phrase in spite of its existence in currently opened document. This concerns only Find Next/Previous. Find All works. Also, under VS 2010 and earlier, there is no such problem. It might be a bug in VS 2012 itself. Currently we do not know of any workaround, except using Find All.

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