VSScript is an extension for Visual Studio development environment. It allows you to automate various development tasks performed in Visual Studio, either by recording and replaying your actions, or allowing you to write scripts in a simple language based on popular Lua scripting language.

VSScript is meant to be a replacement of standard Visual Studio macro recorder based on Visual Basic. The most important reasons to create VSScript were the following:

VSScript features include:

Requirements and installation


Describes the requirements that your local system should meet.


Describes the installation process.

Release notes

Release notes of all published versions.

Using the interactive macro recorder

Recording and replaying

Explains how to record a macro and replay it later.

Writing scripts

Basic editor operation

Describes functions of the script editor.

Snippet manager

Describes the snippet manager window.

Lua primer

Basic Lua language introduction for users of C/C++ programming languages.

Working with multiple-file scripts and packages

Explains how to organize scripts into larger modules and libraries.


Explains how to debug Lua scripts with integrated debugger.

Overview of Visual Studio scripting API

Introduction to Visual Studio scripting and extensibility API.

Local and global interpreters

Explains how to use the global interpreter.

Initialization and finalization scripts

Explains how to set scripts to be run on Visual Studio startup and shutdown.

Using event handlers

Explains how to register handlers for various events signaled by Visual Studio.

Troubleshooting and known problems

Lists known problems and workarounds.


Supported API classes and methods

List of supported Visual Studio extensibility classes and methods.

Lua 5.2 language reference manual

Official Lua language reference manual for version 5.2.

Lua license

Lua language implementation and manual license.
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