Initialization and finalization scripts

Sometimes it is needed to run a script when Visual Studio starts or finishes. VSScipt offers initialization and finalization script packages for that purpose.

Initialization scripts are stored in a special package named Initialize and are executed in alphabetical order when Visual Studio starts. Finalization scripts are similar, but resided in the package named Finalize. Finalization scripts are also run in alphabetical order.

You can add scripts to Initialize and Finalize in exactly same way as for other packages. Please refer to this section for more details.

Initialization and finalization scrips can be run either in local, or global intepreter. The latter possibility is useful when you want to register an event handler to be active during the whole session.

Caution: initialization and finalization scripts are very powerful tool and might yield unwanted Visual Studio behavior when used improperly. In extreme cases, VS may be unable to start at all due to buggy initialization script. If you experience such problems, just go into the package directory in your script repository and rename or delete script files. You can even rename entire directory to disable initialization scripts temporarily.

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