IntegraStudio screenshot

What is IntegraStudio?
IntegraStudio is an extension to Visual Studio allowing to develop Java software with standard JDK and tools.
IntegraStudio interfaces with JDK and existing Java implementations. With IntegraStudio you can develop real world Java applications, just as with other industrial-strength Java development environments.
IntegraStudio offers also unique features related to integration with other programming languages (currently C/C++), like mixed mode debuging.
Project status:
IntegraStudio is currently at beta stage and is freely available for testing and evaluation purposes. It does not contain all planned features yet. The project development is currently suspended.
Please read the project FAQ for more details.
For more detailed feature presentation and screenshots (a lot of), take a look at the user manual.
Already implemented features:
Vast array of language support features: Java IntelliSense, code tips, declaration/definition search, class browsing, real-time programming error detection and more.
Comprehensive user interface for Ant build system fully integrated with Visual Studio (including Solution Explorer, Error List and console windows).
Maven build system support in advanced stage of implementation. It is also fully integrated with Visual Studio, with complete POM editor inside Solution Explorer and remote repository browser (using Nexus indexing).
Debugging Java code in Visual Studio.
Partially implemented mixed Java / C++ debugging.
Real Java: IntegraStudio interfaces with standard JDK and existing Java implementations. JDK 1.8.x is supported, as well as earlier ones.
Planned features:
Maven support with full-fledged POM viewer/editor integrated with Solution Explorer. [Already implemented in 96%]
Apache Ivy support in addition to Ant.
More features for Java/C++ mixed language development.
Java source code refactorings and quick repairs for common errors.
Optimizations for large projects.
Latest version (2017.07.08):
IntegraStudio Beta 0.88