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Viewing definitions of names in source code


Ant or Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section. Also some Java source code file must be opened.


Sometimes when editing source code you may need to look up a definition of some name used in the code (e.g. a function or class name). Visual Studio provides two different methods for that purpose. The first one is using Go to definition and Go to declaration options (or pressing standard shortcut key F12). It opens the document containing the definition in another document window. The second method is using the Code definition window. It provides separate window for definitions, which is refreshed dynamically as you move cursor over various names in the code.

IntegraStudio support both methods. You can use one of the "Go to" options:

Another way is to show the Code definition window:

IntegraStudio can find definitions of most Java symbols (type names, functions, variables, etc.). The definitions can be extracted from compiled class files (JARs) if necessary. Even standard Java library symbols are retrievable. The only requirement is that the library JAR must be on some path accessible to the compiler.

IntegraStudio determines the source and library paths either by checking compilation targets (for Ant), or querying Maven for the effective classpath.

Types and overloading rules are taken into account when selecting proper definition for an overloaded method.

Table of Contents

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