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Creating new Maven project


JDK, Ant and Maven need to be configured. You can find instructions in this section.


Choose File / New / Project... menu option in Visual Studio. The New project dialog will appear.

Choose the Maven archetype template. An archetype is a project template in Maven terminology. Later you will be presented a list of available archetypes. But first you need to configure the project name, which is, by convention, equal to the artifact identifier of the Maven project.

For those unfamiliar with Maven naming system, Maven project name consists of three components:

In the first phase of project creation, specify the artifact identifier (as the project name). Also enter the target directory for the project, unless the default one is OK for you. After clicking OK, a new window will appear. In this window you can select the archetype (project template) to generate your project from:

You can use Filter box to narrow the list of the groups, as the list is actually quite long. An example archetype corresponding to a simple "Hello world" project is named maven-archetype-quickstart and resides in org.apache.maven.archetypes group (archetypes also follow the naming scheme presented above). You can choose this, or any other available archetype. Click OK and a new window will be shown, allowing you to enter remaining parameters.

Next, click OK. The project is now ready for work:

For some archetypes, one additional window may appear after clicking OK, allowing you to configure archetype-specific properties. Not all archetypes have such properties. The window is shown only if there are any properties to configure for the archetype:

Most properties will have default values, which can be overridden in the dialog, or left as is. However, some archetypes have properties without default values, which usually means that you must specify some value (otherwise archetype will fail):

You can also add properties to this list or remove existing ones.

Beware that for archetype properties IntegraStudio does not have enough information to check the correctnes of the values you enter. In case of mistake you will get an error message from Maven during creation of the project. These messages can be uninformative sometimes. You need to consult the archetype documentation in such case, as IntegraStudio only displays the message it got from Maven and does not know the nature of the problem.

Also note that archetypes are retrieved from the network and are not the part of IntegraStudio. They are contributed by various users from the community. Some archetypes may be buggy. In case of problems, try to find documentation of particular archetype. The most likely cause is wrong (or missing) value of some property. If still no success, a good thing to do would be to run the archetype from command line (mvn archetype:generate) to rule out the influence of IntegraStudio. If the archetype behaves the same, you need to contact its author or ask on some public forum how to use that archetype.

You can find more info on archetypes in this section of Maven docs.

Table of Contents

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