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Narrowing project view to a subtree


Ant or Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section.

Functions described here require Visual Studio 2012 or newer version.


Sometimes Java project is difficult to navigate due to excessive depth of the directories. For example:

To prevent this, you can use Scope to this or New Solution Explorer view option to narrow displayed tree view to selected subtree, like this:

In case of Scope to this, you can go back to previous view by clicking the "left arrow" or "home" button.

This is general Visual Studio feature (not specific to IntegraStudio), but it can be extraordinarily useful when working with Java projects, due to their large hierarchy depth.

This feature also works with any other node in Solution Explorer, not necessarily source code folder. You can browse complex Ant and Maven configuration nodes with more ease when using that option.

Table of Contents

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