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Viewing Maven diagnostic messages


Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create a Maven project in this section. You can also find an overview of Maven projects in this section.


In order to perform many operations on Maven projects, IntegraStudio runs the Maven executable. You can view the output of Maven on the Maven messages page of the Output window. This can be very useful in case of errors or other cases of unexpected behavior. It is currently recommended to have the console opened most the time you are using Maven, or at least when you experience any issues. This will allow to detect many errors (e.g. in configuration) quickly and can save your time. Beta version notice: pre-release versions of IntegraStudio do not check Maven configuration very thoroughly and in most cases just passes what you enter on the property pages to the POM (Maven project file). That means you will be getting error messages from Maven if some settings are wrong. The Maven messages console can be enormous help in such cases.

Logging Maven output to a file

In case of problems, you might want to additionally log Maven messages to a file. Especially if you plan to contact the support, please generate and attach the log because it will help enormously to diagnose the problem. To configure logging, open IntegraStudio / Preferences / General page and enable the Log session to file setting. Also enter the log file path below. In case of Maven problems, set also Enable Maven session logging.

Table of Contents

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