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Indexing Maven repositories


Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create a Maven project in this section. You can also find an overview of Maven projects in this section.


The Repository browser described in this section requires that repositories are indexed. Otherwise you won't be able to browse their contents, although such non-indexable repositories are still viable as sources of artifacts as long as you know their groups, names and versions. If you want to choose an artifact among available ones, the index is necessary.

Creating an index is a responsibility of a person who maintains the repository. Larger public repositories, like Apache Central or JBoss have such indexes. An index must be however downloaded to your local computer and unpacked to be viewable. It is not a resource available directly on-line.

The Repository manager window is a user interface to managing repositories and their indexes. In order to open it, right-click on the main project node and choose Maven / Repository manager option. The window looks like this:

It lists known repositories, which are taken from Maven projects opened so far in IntegraStudio. Each repository has a status. The meaning of various statuses is as follows:

You can trigger an index update manually by right-clicking on a repository row and chosing either Update index or Rebuild index. The first option updates the index incrementally if possible. That means it downloads only differential data, conserving network bandwidth and server resources. This is the recommended mode. The second mode runs full update. Amount of data to download and process is much bigger. Caution: the Rebuild mode can be very slow for some repositories. (For certain repositories it may even be extremely slow. It actually depends on the server and is not a bug in IntegraStudio or Maven). Use the incrementalmode whenever possible. The full mode is useful when you think the index is corrupted in some way (e.g. you can't find artifacts) and the incremental update does not help.

If you want to cancel ongoing updating operation, choose Cancel updating option.

Table of Contents

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