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Configuring Maven project builds


Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create a Maven project in this section.


Maven offers several predefined lifecycles consisting of various build phases. Users can also define thir own lifecycles and phases. On the other hand, Visual Studio offers much simpler mechanism, defining only three standard activities: Build, Clean and Deploy (there is also Rebuild, being a sequence of Clean and Build). It is reasonable to map them to relevant Maven build phases, but these are customizable. Therefore IntegraStudio allows to configure these default build phase names.

In order to specify such mapping, right click on the main project node in Solution Explorer, choose Properties and go to IDE page:

You can now enter appropriate names for Build and Clean phases. Default names are compile and clean. That means Maven will only compile sources on pressing F7, which is the fastest option and still allows debugging. If you want compiled classes to be packaged into a JAR, change compile to package. Entering install will order Maven to install generated package into local repository. You can find more information on build phases in this section of Maven docs.

Optionally, you can also specify Maven profile (or a set of profiles) to activate. You can find more information on profiles in this section of Maven docs.

Configuring arbitrary Maven executions

Besides standard build actions triggered by Build / Rebuild / Clean IDE commands (described earlier), IntegraStudio can launch arbitrary Maven build phase, lifecycle or goal. You can define up to 16 such executions and bind them to menu options under Maven / Build submenu:

To run particular Maven goal, just choose corresponding option from the menu. To configure available executions, choose Configure Maven runs... option. It shows the execution editor:

The Name column specified the visible name of the execution. The Maven arguments column shows actual arguments given to Maven. Double click on any of the fields to edit value. You can also add a new execution, remove existing one or alter the order, by using buttons below the list.

Table of Contents

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