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Adding, removing, renaming and running Ant targets


Ant project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section. You can also find an overview of Ant project layout in this section.


In order to add a new target to Ant project, right click on the project node in Solution Explorer, and choose Add / New item... from the context menu. IntegraStudio will ask you for the name of the target:

If entered name is syntactically correct, the target will be added to the project. Note that as usual in Visual Studio, to save the project files you need to start a build, exit Visual Studio or issue Save All command. The XML build file will be saved then. This is compatible with standard Visual Studio behavior.

You can also remove targets or rename them by choosing standard Remove and Rename options from the Solution Explorer context menu. IntegraStudio will automatically remove or rename dependency nodes corresponding to the affected target.

Any target can also be run by one of the two methods. The first one is to use the Execute target option from the context menu on the target node in Solution Explorer. The second way is to set active target with Set as active target option, and run regular Visual Studio build command (e.g. pressing F7).

Running any targets is treated by Visual Studio as initiating the build and sets the IDE temporarily in build mode.

Usually a target hosts on or more tasks. You can find instructions how to manage Ant tasks in this section.

Table of Contents

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