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Generating and viewing Javadoc for the project


Ant or Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section, or Maven in this section.


Generating Javadoc for Ant project

In order to generate the documentation for Ant project, you need to configure Javadoc-generating target first. This target can have arbitrary name (but javadoc is recommended) and must have a Javadoc task inside it. If you do not have such target, you can add it as described in in this section and then add Javadoc task as described in in this section. Then configure the task, as in the example below (you can also customize source and destination directories):

When the configuration is done, just right-click on the project node, got to the Ant / Javadoc submenu and choose one of the options: Generate HTML or Generate and view HTML:

Second option automatically opens the documentation in Visual Studio. If you want the docs to be opened in external browser rather than Visual Studio internal window, go to IntegraStudio / Preferences and set the Open docs in external browser option:

You can also explicitly set the name of the target used to generate Javadoc. Right-click on the project node in Solution Explorer, open Properties, go to the General and set the Javadoc target option:

This can be useful when you have several Javadoc targets.

Generating Javadoc for Maven project

Maven comes with preconfigured plugins for generating Javadoc documentation, as well as reporting documentation (site). To generate the Javadoc, just choose appropriate option from the menu:

Apart from HTML generating options, same as for Ant projects, you have additional option to compress the documentation inside a JAR.

Similar set of options exists for site generation. This documentation contains reports generated by reporting plugins. You can read more about reporting in this section.

Table of Contents

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