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Configuring options for the debugger


Ant or Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section.

Most options described here are relevant for Ant projects only and direct debugging scenario (not using a testing framework). Maven and testing frameworks automatically supply values for options like the classpath or main class name. Also, in typical cases of direct debugging of Ant projects, default values determined by the IDE are sufficient. The defaults are displayed in gray color.


Right-click on the project node in Solution Explorer and choose Properties. Then go to the Debug tab:

The meaning of options is explained below.

Class path

The classpath for the Java VM which is being run in debug mode. It can contain multiple paths separated by semicolons. If not specified, the IDE will read the classpath from the project (if possible) and use it as default.

The purpose of the classpath is to specify the location of executable Java code to debug. It is the most important setting and the first one to verify if there is any problem with debugging.

Main class name

The main class name to be run in debug mode. The main class is the one which contains static 'main' method, being an entry point to the program. If not specified, the IDE will attempt to figure out the name using CodeSense and use result as default. This parameter is also required to for debug session to work. If you debug session does not start, verify the main class parameter.

Working directory

Specifies the working directory for Java process. If not set, the first directory on the classpath will serve as default.

Program arguments

Optional arguments for debugged Java program. These arguments will be passed to the 'main' method.

Native co-debugging mode

Enables co-debugging with native (C or C++) code. Currently this functionality is not stable, it is recommended to use the default value.

Visualizer profile

Enables additional visualizers for Java complex types. Currently this functionality is not finished, it is recommended to use the default value.

Table of Contents

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