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Using the Class View


Ant or Maven project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section.


Class View is a feature of Visual Studio which allows you to browse classes (and other defined types), methods and fields defined in the project and libraries. This is one of standard Visual Studio features. IntegraStudio adds support for Java language and its project formats (currently Ant and Maven).

The usage is same as for other Visual Studio projects. Use the View / Class view option to show the window. For Java project, it will look like on the screenshot below. You can browse types, their contents (fields and methods), as well as derived and base types. The browser works also for library types without any limits. You can even list all known classes in the project by opening the Derived classes of the Object class.

The Class View also offers the Search mode. Type some name or fragment into the Search box and press Enter. The Class View will display found results, as on the picture below. The results can be also browsed for contents.

In both modes, you can open a definition of any symbol by double clicking on its name.

IntegraStudio also supports grouping by symbol kind. Choose the Group by object type to enable that mode. Note that the term "Namespace" is used to denote a Java package:

In order to return to the regular browsing mode, choose one of the Sort modes from the menu.

Table of Contents

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