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Configuring elements in Ant projects


Ant project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section.


Ant projects contain many elements besides source tree. These elements correspond to nodes in the build.xml file. There are targets, tasks and various inner elements. All of them have editable properties. In order to edit properties of particular element, right-click on it and choose Properties:

Visual Studio will display the property editor window. In case of most Ant elements, these properties are divided into two categories: Important properties and Optional properties. This classification is for convenience only. Important properties are ones that you might want to set in most cases. Usually setting at least one of these properties is required.

Optional properties are not required and enable additional features of tasks.

Some properties are also available for targets -- mainly conditional attributes if and unless.

Using Ant variables in properties

Inside most properties you can use Ant variables which are interpolated (expanded) when the build is run. You enter them as usual in curly braces, e.g. ${src} or ${env.JAVA_HOME}. IntegraStudio allows you to select a variable from the list of currently defined variables. To open the selection window, click on the arrow button next to the property value and choose Insert variable... option:

When the list appears, select the variable and click OK, or just double-click. The variable name (${build} in the shown case) will be inserted at the end of currently entered value.

Table of Contents

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