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Configuring Ant project builds


Ant project is opened in Visual Studio. You can find instructions how to create an Ant project in this section.


Ant allows you to define any number of targets, which conduct various build stages and other activities. Visual Studio offers much simpler mechanism, defining only three standard activities: Build, Clean and Deploy (there is also Rebuild, being a sequence of Clean and Build). It is reasonable to map them to relevant Ant targets, but there are no standard target names for such purposes. Therefore IntegraStudio allows to configure these target names.

In order to specify such mapping, right click on the main project node in Solution Explorer, choose Properties and go to General page:

You can now enter appropriate target names for Build, Clean and Deploy phases. This configuration is not required, unless you actually run particular phase. Typically at least Build and Clean should be configured. Typical names for corresponding Ant targets are "compile" and "clean", but it is not required.

The Build target name configured here is used only if active target has not been set manually in Solution Explorer. Otherwise, the active target will be executed when the build command is issued. On the other hand, Clean and Deploy targets are always taken from the configuration.

Table of Contents

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