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Requirements for the system

The system is your Windows system where Visual Studio is being run.

Supported Windows versions:

IntegraStudio has been tested on:

Supported Visual Studio versions:

IntegraStudio will not work with Express Editions of Visual Studio, since these versions are not intended to be extensible and have no required interfaces.

There is also new Visual Studio Code edition, introduced along with Visual Studio 2015. It is not compatible with regular Visual Studio plugins. IntegraStudio also will not work with this edition.

Requirements for Java components

In order to use IntegraStudio for Java development, you need to install at least the following Java-related components:

IntegraStudio ships with Ant and Maven packages, so you do not need to install them separately. You can however install Ant or Maven by yourself and configure IntegraStudio to use your version. Minimum version requirements are specified below. Also note that using Ant or Maven version newer than the one supplied with IntegraStudio might result in problems due to possible changes in Ant or Maven, which are not yet reflected in IntegraStudio.

Table of Contents

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