IntegraStudio is an extension for Visual Studio development environment. It allows you to develop programs in Java language for true Java platform, using standard JDK compilers and other tools.

IntegraStudio scope extends over the following development phases:

IntegraStudio is meant to convert Visual Studio to fully functional Java IDE. Current release has Beta status, which means that it contains features described above, but many more features are on the way.

Due to Beta status, this document is also not finished yet. Eventually you will find complete IntegraStudio user manual here. Currently it describes features implemented so far. Also note that IntegraStudio operates in similar way as regular Visual Studio language support for C++ or .NET languages, hence most IDE concepts are likely familiar to you.

Requirements and installation


Describes the requirements that both your system should meet.


Describes the installation process.

Release notes

Release notes of all published versions.

Using IntegraStudio

Preparation for work

Configuring tool paths

Working with Ant projects

Creating new basic Ant project

Importing existing Ant project

Creating Ant project from existing sources

Understanding Ant project layout

Adding, removing, renaming and running Ant targets

Adding, removing, and editing Ant tasks

Configuring elements in Ant projects

Adding libraries to Ant project

Configuring Ant project builds

Editing Ant XML directly

Working with Maven projects

Creating new Maven project (from archetype)

Understanding Maven project layout

Managing dependencies in Maven projects

Configuring Maven plugins

Managing Maven project metadata

Managing resources in Maven projects

Configuring reporting in Maven projects

Browsing Maven repositories

Indexing Maven repositories

Viewing Maven diagnostic messages

Configuring Maven project builds

Editing Maven POM directly

Common project features

Working with configurations and platforms

Adding arbitrary files to a project

Generating and viewing Javadoc for the project

Browsing the code and project contents

Using Java code editor features

Narrowing project view to a subtree

Using the Class View

Viewing definitions of names in source code

Managing unit tests

Configuring unit tests in Ant projects


Debugging executable classes in Ant or Maven projects

Debugging unit tests in Ant projects

Configuring options for the debugger

Using the Java debugger


Enabling diagnostic log

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